Candle Tips (FAQ)

Always burn Soy candles for at least 2 hours.  Failure to do so results in "tunneling".

Trim the wick to approximately 1/4 inch before igniting, preferably with a wick trimmer.

It's not all about the length, it's the width that matters.
Small, Medium, and Large are a relative indication of how long the candle will burn.
Narrow, Standard, and Wide identify the width of the candle.
A large narrow candle will burn for many hours but it may not fill a large room with fragrance.
The wider the candle, the faster it burns, and the more fragrance is released.

Always cover your container candles when not in use to prevent them from losing their scent.

Keep candles out of direct sunlight and florescent light to reduce color fading.

Soy candles melt at low temperatures.
This is good in that hot water on a paper towel will clean up spills.
This is bad in that if you leave them in your car they will melt.