Manly Smells for Manly Men in Manly Metal Containers

Bacon (Applewood)
The sweet, smokey scent of a medium-rare slice of bacon.

The sweet and smokey smell of BBQ.

Beef Jerky
Bordering on a bacon scent.

Boiled Peanuts
If you're Southern I don't need to describe what this smells like.

Smoky wood fire burning in the winter.

Cannabis Sativa
You'll have to try it as everyone's perception is different.

What can I say, someone asked for it so here it is, but what could be more manly?

Grease Monkey
Used motor oil with a hint of exhaust.

Rugged and masculine, this leather suede scent will take you back to the old west.

Light Beer
A true beer fragrance. Reminiscent of Coors Light canned beer.

A slice of cheese pizza.

One whiff of this and you'll feel like you're walking through the cut wood section of hardware store

Tobacco Shop
Our Coriander and Tonka is a rich and sultry scent with notes of amber, tobacco, and sweet vanilla.

An intoxicating blend of potent alcohol notes, rich oak and smoked peat.